The Beacon Ceramics

12811 CR 674 Blue Ridge, TX 75424 


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Everything for Ceramic and Porcelain Artists... and Dollmakers:

Greenware, paints, tools, supplies, kilns, molds, workshops

Here you will find everything you need to meet your doll-making

needs. We pour your dolls as they are ordered from an extensive list of modern, antique, or lace draping dolls, and many other miscellaneous molds.

We have available in store Kemper tools, eyes, wigs, shoes, china paints, new and used kilns and accessories, ceramic bisque for all seasons, finished dolls, and many more items.

Let us pour your ceramic or porcelain pieces for all of your needs. We can fire them for you as well. We are here to serve you.

Be sure to give us a call or send us an email and get to know all that we offer to all our special customers!

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